uPVC Door Jakarta

Sabtu, 15 Jun 2019
uPVC Door Jakarta
uPVC Door Jakarta

Swing Door

Swing door is the most general uPVC door type applied. The only pushing or pulling door system facilitates its operation and suitability for those function-goal users.

  • Available in single- and multipoint-lock systems.
  • Maximum sound and thermal reducer function.

Newest uPVC SGCKA Swing Door

Jendela uPVC / Jendela Swing

Kusen Pintu / Pintu uPVC / Pintu Rumah

Kusen Pintu / Pintu uPVC / Pintu Rumah

Sliding Door

Sliding door is a high-space efficient door type, in which suitable for any limited width spaces.

  • Multipoint lock system
  • Maximum spatial efficiency

Optional SGCKA Sliding Door

Folding Door

Folding Door has a general different function method. Its elegant and stylish folding styles are suitable for your balcony, garage, swimming pool, and outdoor garden doors.

  • Multipoint lock system
  • Widely opened function to enable maximum air circulation and lighting

The Best SGCKA Folding Door

Pintu uPVC / Pintu Geser / Pintu Lipat / Jendela Mati

Pintu uPVC / Pintu Lipat

Pintu Lipat / Pintu uPVC

uPVC in a Glance

uPVC is the development of PVC frame. The PVC frame which is usually used as the indoor material is less in strength, in addition to its breakable property. Otherwise, uPVC, which is abbreviated from Unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride material, is a derivative material of minimized plastic properties thus it is hard in shape (less flexibility).

Compared to other materials using a bracket or sealant connecting system, uPVC applies the more water-resistant welding technique. The uPVC connection is tightly covered, as such, it is a weather-proof resistant and non-water interception.

SGCKA uses cubicle steel-bone galvalume uPVC, which makes it sturdier and stronger resistance compared to the other uPVC. All SGCKA uPVC materials have their best qualities, including their rubber’s quality. The EPDM rubber material has high durability so as it is non-discolored, and remains elastic within a long period.

The same is also applied for SGCKA Hardware, where it has the same quality standardization to guarantee SGCKA products quality and consistency.
uPVC Door Jakarta

Use Our Featured uPVC Products only from SGCKA.

Build your dream house with our best uPVC door from SGCKA. Our team is ready to give the best consultation for you!

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