Why uPVC

Selasa, 21 Jun 2016
Why uPVC

100% Lead Free

Lead Free!

Greenline is a lead-free stabilizer included in our uPVC formula to provide high-quality window profiles that meet tomorrows enviornmental standards today.

Go Green

By choosing this advanced generation of uPVC windows, you have also chosen to support a more enviornmentally friendly and sustainable material.

High Security

High Security

As with the standard uPVC collection, our High Security offering provides you with the same freedom of expression via our selection of door panel designs, glazing options and colours available to you. In fact, the only difference is the additional security measures our High Security doors offer.

Defence against unwelcome visitors

We appreciate that in some circumstances an extra secure door is a necessity. Our uPVC High Security supply you with that extra protection, leaving you content with your home's defence against unwelcome visitors.

Fire Retardant

Fire Retardant

The womb chlorine on the sills uPVC act as an impediment to fire when fire incident

uPVC Profile

Frames on uPVC windows do not melt which is a common misconception based on how people perceive other plastic materials Once the source of ignition has been removed uPVC double glazing stops burning.


Almost 16!

We are working this products for almost 16 years and to be honest this is the best job ever

100% Professionals

All our doors are “Top Quality, Professionally Fitted & Guaranteed, at Value for Money Prices” allowing you to buy with confidence and without pressure.

Jenis Bahan 


Korosi & Rayap

Tahan Cuaca

Reduksi Suara/
Noise Reduction


Sound Proof/
Kedap Suara



Terkena Rayap

Tidak tahan Cuaca &
Kembang Susut

Tidak Kedap Suara

Tidak Menghantar

Tidak Dapat


Tidak Perlu 

Kena Korosi &
Anti rayap

Tidak Tahan cuaca &
Kembang Susut

Tidak Kedap Suara


Tidak Dapat


Tidak Perlu 

Tidak korosi &
Anti Rayap

Tahan cuaca, Tidak
Kembang Susut, sistem 
drainase air sendiri

Dapat mengurangi
suara hingga 40 dB

Tidak menghantar 

Dapat dipasang
dengan Kaca 
Sound Proof

Sudah yakin dengan produk uPVC? Segera dapatkan jendela dan pintu uPVC dari SGCKA untuk menciptakan rumah minimalis yang nyaman nan modern. Lihat aneka koleksinya pada link berikut ini.

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